Challenge: Packing light for my upcoming beach vacay!

packing light

Nothing excites me more than going on a holiday, not even handbags! I love travelling, discovering new places, meeting new people, fully (well, as fully as possible) immersing myself into a foreign culture and trying new flavours. However the ONE thing I really dread when travelling, is the packing. It’s such a chore!

I’m flying to Phuket soon (in 6 days exactly!), for a 10-day beach vacay. I can’t wait! I’ve been to Phuket last year and I loved it so much that I’ve decided to go back. This time I’ll spend majority of my holiday in Krabi. Sorry to digress but just thought I’d give you some background.

When the boy told me (more like ordered me actually!) to only take the small suitcase this time, I seriously thought he was joking. Not happening. Having options is a basic.human.right.! But after giving it some thought, I decided it’s probably the best thing to do since we’ll be travelling around Phuket a fair bit. I’ll give it a go and pack as light as ‘womanly’ possible. Deep breathes. It’s about time I put my Tetris skills to the test afterall!



Let’s start with the hardest and get it out of the way! I’ll start by selecting the exact number of clothes I’ll need – i.e no options – and if ever I can fit more into my suitcase, I’ll include some extra pieces.

– 3 x shorts (white, light denim, dark denim)
– 6 x tops/t-shirts (loose ones, because with sunscreen and sweat, I’ll be sticky all over)
– 2 x beach cover-ups
– 1 x sarong (that can be re-purposed as scarf, beach towel, dress, skirt, rain cover, etc)
– 1 x maxi dress
– 2 x summer dresses
– 1 x mini skirt
– 1 x sheer white button-up shirt
– 3 x swimwear (only because I can’t stand wearing wet bikinis)
– Tonnes of undies (you can’t restrict the number of undies in case of emergencies. You NEED to pack extra undies. That’s a non-negotiable. Period. Pun intended.)


embellished sandals havaianas slim 2

– 1 pair of thongs
– 1 pair of slightly embellished flat sandals for night time
– Trainers (maybe. Depends if we’ll go hiking etc)

Make up and toiletries

makeup toiletries

– Basic make up ( Bronzer, blush, mascara and lipstick)
– Sunscreen – Face + body
– Aftersun lotion (to be used as body moisturiser during the entire trip)
– Lip balm
– Shampoo + conditioner (I’m fussy with hair products, so I can’t use the ones provided by resorts. Sorry.)
– Night face cream
– Eye cream
– Body mist (to be used as perfume)


kerr alba miley

– 1 x crossbody handbag
– 1 pair of cheap sunglasses
– Hat

– Hair dryer
– Bobby pins + hair elastics (many)
– Hand sanitizer
– Mosquito repellent
– Paracetamol
– Hair brush

So what do you think? Will I be able to pack all the above in one small suitcase?


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  1. Poké

     /  July 26, 2013

    Nice checklist you got there. I’m horribad at packing for a trip.
    1. My clothes will always take up more space than a girl’s, more dense, more fabric
    2. I always pack too much :p

    1+2 = bad :p

  2. That’s pretty much IT!!! I like the way you precisely mention “1 pair of CHEAP sunglasses” 🙂 Enjoy Caro x


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