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Hi everyone,

I’d like to start off by saying how sorry I am that it’s been so long since my last blog post. As some of you might know, I went on holidays to Thailand for 10 days and the return to reality has been very tough, as you can imagine.

I had an amazing time in Thailand! I spent most of my time in Krabi, a few days in Phuket and a few days on Koh Yao Noi island. It was my second time in Thailand, yes I love it that much! I think Thailand is one of the countries that everyone has to visit at least once. It has something for everyone and the scenery is just amazingly beautiful!


The flight
I flew by Air Asia. DON’T EVER USE THAT AIRLINE! The tickets are relatively cheap but the service is shit. It was 9 hours from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur (KL) , a 2.5hours stop over in KL in the shitty airport (They have two airports and we were not in the massive, fabulous one where you can do loads of things inc. shopping) and from KL to Phuket it was another 2hours. We were completely knackered by the time we got to Phuket.
Next time, direct flight to Phuket via Jetstar is the way to go!

Koh Yao Noi island
We spent three days at The PARADISE KOH YAO Boutique Beach Resort & Spa. It was the best way to start our trip. Koh Yoa Noi is a little island, away from everything, where you get a full panoramic view of Phang Nga Bay. There’s not much going on on the island itself, that’s why it’s a great location to just wind down and relax for a few days. We got there in the afternoon, so really we spent only two days on the island. We spent most of our time lying on the beach, admiring Phang Nga Bay all day long. I wouldn’t recommend spending more than two days on Koh Yao Noi island only because there’s seriously not much to do: no markets, no restaurants, no cafes, nothing. It has a tiny convenience store, that’s about it. So we had no choice but to eat from the hotel’s restaurant all the time.

The hotel itself was really charming and very foresty (as in, it’s in the forest). You can see some pictures below.
(P.S We weren’t on honeymoon, it was clearly a funnily awkward mistake from the hotel )

Phang Nga Bay






koh7 koh8


Ao Nang, Krabi
From Koh Yoa Noi to Ao Nang in Krabi, it was quite a trek. It took us 3 hours to get to Aonang but we enjoyed the local experience. We had to catch a long tail boat from the island to the main pier, where we had to change boat and get into a boat taxi with many locals to Krabi. Once at the pier at Krabi, we took a tuk tuk (a form of public transport in Thailand) from the pier to Krabi Town. And from Krabi Town, we had to catch a private taxi to Ao Nang.

3 hours is a long time but I thought it was worth it. We met some lovely locals in the taxi boats and the Tuk Tuk, we got to see the inner villages of Krabi, the more traditional houses etc. I wouldn’t have done it any differently if I had to do it over again. It’s all part of the experience and that’s how I like to travel.

We spent 5 days at Aonang Villa Resort. The location of our hotel was great as we were walking distance from everything – the beach, the markets, the restaurants, the convenience stores, ATMs, tour operators, the bars, the shops etc. AoNang is to Krabi what Patong is to Phuket, i.e it’s the touristy part of the town, buzzing with entertainment. In saying that, Aonang is a lot more toned down than crazy Patong.

While in Krabi, we joined two full-day tours – The James Bond Island tour and the Phi Phi Island day tour, which are both considered to be the ‘must-see tours’ when in Thailand. The James Bond island tour includes the kayaking in the Mangrove caves which was one of my highlights! It’s amazing and you feel like you’re in the Amazone forests in South America! You kayak through dark caves and you get out of the caves surrounded by majestic cliffs and the sun shining through the cliffs is just spectacular. The Phi Phi island tour includes Maya Bay, where the movie The Beach was filmed! It was by far the peak of my trip! Swimming in Maya Bay is an experience I can’t even describe! It’s magic! The water is so blue, clear and warm, and the contrasts with the green of the cliffs is!!

The other days we were just hanging out around Ao Nang, went to Krabi Town for a day, spent some time at the beach which was nice as well.





AON6 Big


Patong, Phuket
We went to Patong for our last two days and stayed at Deevana Patong Resort. Again the location of the hotel was just perfect for us because it was walking distance from restaurants, shops, markets, shopping centre, bars, clubs, Bangla Road etc! Patong is a lot more touristy and commercial than Krabi which has both it’s pros and cons.

Pros: More shops, restaurants etc. The reason why I mention this as one of the pros is because when we were in Krabi, we were so over Thai food after a while. You can get european food in Krabi but they’re not very good. So we were happy to be in Patong and go to a proper cafe for example. And Patong has better shopping as well. There’s a big shopping mall in Patong called Jungceylon.

Cons: More pricey than Krabi, hawkers are more pushy, sometimes aggressive, the sex tourism of Patong can be quite disturbing at the beginning because it’s so in-your-face. And I think the fact that you so quickly get used to it, is also disturbing. After the first 30-45mins of being exposed to it, you’re like “Yeah it’s normal now!”. Disturbing right?

Patong is a crazy town. The nightlife there is insane. We spent only one night there and the things I’ve seen in just one night, were more than enough. I don’t necessarily mean it in a bad way, because I love experiencing new cultures and seeing things that I’m not used to seeing. Sex workers, lady boys, stripteasers, under-aged prostitutes, complete nudity in public etc are all considered “normal” in Patong. I’ve been told that Amsterdam is Patong on a much larger scale. I’ve never been to Amsterdam but I can’t even imagine.

Just out of curiosity, we went to a club on Bangla Road – the main road where all the clubs and pubs are. It gets so busy at night that they have to close the road! The bar we went to is called Ms. Suzy Wong. The girls don’t just dance on the bar completely naked but they also give you a very big and explicit show. Honestly it basically felt like watching a porn scene live. I’m not kidding. And the girls would also sometimes invite customers to participate!! Shocking! It was good for the experience, but would I go to Suzy Wong’s again? Thanks but no thanks. Nuff said.



patong 3

In my next blog, I’ll share some tips on what to look for when travelling in Thailand, what’s the cost of living like for travellers, places to see, things to do etc. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to go there one day if you’ve never been 🙂


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  1. i just love your blog…. keep it on 🙂

  2. Just feel like jetting off to amazing Thailand after reading your blog…can’t wait for the next episode!

  3. Siobhán

     /  November 25, 2014

    Great post! thanks for sharing your opinions!


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